Learn how to train with the Bike Balance Board

Beginners and advance riders:

Have fun + improve your skills!

Training Chart Bike Balance Board

Developed for beginners and advanced Bike Balance Board riders – we put together a lot of helpful images along with short explanations to understand the several exercises easily.

Beginners will find all the information on how to start and what to consider. E.g.
- How much air to fill in the ball
- Where to position the feet
- How to start an exercise
- Etc.

Advanced Bike Balance Board riders will find specific exercises – 3 levels of difficulty – fun guaranteed!

Improve your mountain biking skills by using the same training tool as Nino Schurter, Fabien Barel and Cedric Gracia - the TOGU Bike Balance Board.

Training Chart Bike Balance Board
Download the Training Chart here!
PDF-Dokument [1.6 MB]

This Training Chart gives you all the information on how to start the training and how you can improve your skills.


Have fun!

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